Catrina 3

Here is an interview with Catrina Banks Whitley, Ph.D.,RPA  from the Office of Archaeological Studies Museum of New Mexico.


Q1. What sort of high school and college classes (other than math and science) are good to take for Paleontology/Archaeology?

A:  Anthropology requires individuals to be almost "jack-of-all-trades". I recommend a well-rounded education. Here is a list of courses - other than those from the Anthropology department of course - that students would benefit from taking:

I think many going into Paleontology would also benefit from many of these courses

Q2. If someone wrote a biography about you what do you think the title should be?

A:  I have no idea!! Never thought about this one - I'll get back to you. Perhaps - Poetry, Long Walks on the Beach, and Poking Dead Things with a Stick: these are a few of my favorite things.

Q3. Did you have a mentor? What was the most significant thing he/she taught you?

A:  Dr. Ronald K.Wetherington, to question everything and listen to others ideas - no matter how implausible - because you will always find something in the conversations.

Q4. What was your most exciting discovery?

A:  This is hard because each discovery is so exciting. But, if I have to highlight I'll take two - one was discovering (along with my co-author Kyra Kramer) that a Kell-positive diagnosis fit Henry VIII's problem with having children and that radon may be responsible for prehistoric cases of multiple myeloma cancer and that they are likely linked to radon exposure.

Q5. If you were to be any person from the past, who would you be? Why?

A:  I would be one of the individuals from PotCreek Pueblo who lived in Taos, NM between AD 1250-1325. The reason I choose this is because I have spent so much time getting to know these individuals lives by studying their remains and would like to be able to emerse myself in their life because no matter how much we study about the past through material remains, there are always segments we will never know.

Q6. What is your favorite breakfast food?

A:  cereal

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