Here is an interview with Pete Larson, author of several books including Bones Rock and President of the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research.

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Black Hills

Q1. What sort of high school and college classes (other than math and science) are good to take for paleontology?

A:  I would recommend all the science and math that you can get, especially biology, geology, comparative anatomy, osteology, physiology, and related sciences; and of course chemistry and physics.

Q2. If someone wrote a biography about you what do you think the title should be?
A: "Hunting T. rex, a strange way to make a living".


Q3. Did you have a mentor? What was the most significant thing he/she taught you?
A:  My Mentor was June Culp Zeitner, who ran a museum in our little home town, traveled all over the Western Hemisphere and wrote lots of books. The most important thing she taught me was how to find and digest information.

Q4. What was your most exciting discovery?
A:  My most exciting discovery was recognizing the fragments of bone that Susan Hendrickson brought me and deciding to excavate what became SUE the T. rex.

Q5. If you were to be a dinosaur, which one would be? Why?
A:  T. rex, of course. Cause they were bad!

Q6. What is your favorite breakfast food?
A:  Granola bars or Honey Bunches of Goats (as I call it).



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